Hi there! And welcome to my Website!

I'm Fernanda Froes-Pruett: a natural born artist, who inherited the Music genes from my mother's side of the family.

I'm a musician (singer, songwriter/songstress, bassist, guitarist), a music producer and also an entrepreneur.

I was born and raised in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and I'll be writing more about myself here, with time...

I came from São Paulo, Brazil, to Los Angeles, in the United States, in July of 2012, having no idea I was going to reside in this country again (but, this time, for good...), and my life would immensely change. Six years have passed, I'm officially a California Resident, with a husband, three dogs and 2 cats in the house, now, and I'm on my path to the American Citizenship. Yep, hurray to good changes and prosperity! And some endless gratitude!

The first time I moved from São Paulo to Los Angeles was in 1993, when I studied at MI - Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, which later led me to attend Santa Monica College, and also a UCLA Extension

Before all that took place, I lived in São Paulo, Brazil, for most of my life, and that's where I returned to, after studying Music and living in California, in the early 90's.

Back in Brazil, I had my very first Music CD released, in the year of 1997, and, since then, I never stopped playing live gigs, both as a solo artist, and with a band, and also performing alongside some of the most awesome musicians I had the pleasure of meeting, throughout the years. I also spend lots of time recording vocals to other bands and musicians, and countless hours at several recording studios, always making what I love to do the most in my life: Music.

Besides that, I also worked as an Executive Producer through the company Fernanda Fróes Produções Artísticas S/C Ltda, which was founded in 1996.

Fernanda Froes-Pruett - "O Seu Dom"<br>Gravadora Eldorado<br>São Paulo, Brazil<br>1997

Fernanda Froes-Pruett - "O Seu Dom"
Gravadora Eldorado
São Paulo, Brazil

Fernanda Froes-Pruett - "From Brasil"<br>Double Feather Productions<br>2018

Fernanda Froes-Pruett - "From Brasil"
Double Feather Productions



Now, alongside my husband Dan Pruett, I run a production and promotion company, named Double Feather Productions, in the city of Mount Shasta, California. 

I'm releasing my Music CD "From Brasil" here in the United States - to the world - in September of 2018. 

You can order the CD online, and it will be shipped to your address (the online order form is coming up pretty soon), and you can also download the songs and/or the whole album, by clicking here

You can listen to my Music here, on this website, and I hope you find some inspiration and joy through the songs I sing.  

Much love, blessings, joy!  

:) Fernanda Froes-Pruett  




@fernandafroesmusic on instagram